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Development in technology has become so vast these days that it is crucial to stay abreast of the latest trends and solutions in the market. This rapidly changing scene naturally drives the business environment to grow more competitive by the day and using the latest technology invariably means your company stays on top.

True to our name, we at Mars Innovations track evolving trends in the IT industry and have been bringing the truly cutting edge offerings to our clients for the last decade. We take advantage of the best available hardware - servers, storage and network solutions, often in combination with services that are critical to the solution.

We simply enable you to enhance your IT infrastructure to be more resilient and efficient by containing server sprawl, consolidating your datacenter and thereby reduce your hardware, space and power requirements.


We offer comprehensive end-to-end services that are designed bearing in mind the entire virtualization lifecycle. Our solution track involves the following key areas

  • Virtual Data Center Plan and Design
    Data Center managers face the challenge of reducing high maintenance costs every single day. This can be tackled by moving to a virtual environment to run more virtual workloads on fewer physical systems. This not only enables maximizing of resources, but it also reduces management costs and offers a high-availability secure environment. We will assist you in virtualizing the entire infrastructure layer which will ultimately reduce your expenses and overall cost of ownership.
  • Server Consolidation and Containment
    IT infrastructure is directly proportional to the growth of the business. As your business grows so will the IT environment required to support it. As a result there is usually a widely distributed host of servers and storage devices where IT departments constantly face demands to deploy maintain and grow a broad array of services and applications. But this has lead to server sprawl and high energy costs. Server consolidation & containment will help your organization gain control over your IT infrastructure sprawl and underutilization by reducing hardware and operating costs, to create a consolidated IT infrastructure that can adapt to your changing business needs.
  • Virtual Lab Automation
    We have an experienced and highly qualified team who are actively developing and testing our Virtualization applications. We can help you automate tasks and reduce the number of systems you require. Our aim is to avoid delays in scheduled project deliveries for our clients. A virtualized pool of resources enables faster and automated provisioning of servers and rapid reproduction of software defects.
  • Business Continuity
    Business continuity is a growing concern for enterprises where the need to provide high available systems and disaster recovery mechanisms is critical. Our Virtualization solutions will help you eliminate downtime while giving you a secure environment that delivers high availability. While we enable you to be better prepared for disaster recovery you can stop worrying about cutting costs through expensive and outdated disaster recovery strategies.
  • Enterprise Desktop Management and Control
    Desktops are no longer the complicated stacks of multiple OS, drivers and applications. Instead maintaining it with a virtual desktop technology by centralizing applications has never been this easy. We will help you increase the efficiency and streamline the management and deployment of desktops and applications to provide a superior end-user desktop experience.
  • Virtual Data Center Management
    We can help you eliminate issues with managing virtual server sprawl by giving you the right resources required to manage your virtual data center. With our experienced team you can wave goodbye to all your problems related to the health of your virtual environment.


With our in-depth knowledge and expertise in Virtualization technologies we approach every client’s IT infrastructure from scratch with a step-by-step plan. Our first step is to objectively assess the environment and deploy the most optimal solution that fits your particular environment. Our approach is a holistic one that supports the entire virtualization technology life-cycle including consulting, planning, assessments, design, implementation, management and support.


The assessment session will help our team gain valuable insight into your IT environment following which we will be able to evaluate how best to help you adopt virtualization. The phase will involve a comparison of your current environment with your intended IT environment, keeping in mind your business and technical objectives. The assessment will also include operations costs for provisioning and administration and Investment costs for software licensing, design, plan, deployment and management, infrastructure costs for servers, storage and networking.

Design and Architecture

Following the assessment phase our team will custom-design and end-to-end virtualization solution tailor made to fit your business requirement. To ensure a successful architecture we provide a detailed project plan and timeline which will outline the specific server virtualization.


Our infrastructure deployment team will transform the design and architecture to custom meet your business benefits. This phase involves meticulous work with the client to efficiently test, validate, configure, implement and integrate new infrastructure and convert physical machines to virtual machines, consolidate multiple virtual machines into a single physical server. Conduct knowledge transfer, execute rollout plan and support client system administrators in post rollout phase.

Management and Support

With our qualified team Mars Innovations promises a superior level of customized operational support that will provide valuable resources for managing and maintaining of your new virtual environment.

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Virtualization Services Offerings
Virtualization Adoption Assessment - Free Service Planning to adopt Virtualization, Frontier is offering a free assessment of up to 5 servers, and a report will be provided showing how many servers are needed to consolidate your existing environment, and run the physical servers as virtual machines.
Jumpstart Services These Jumpstart Service packages are three or four-day, onsite engagements for clients consisting of 4-5 people. During this time the consultant helps the client in adopting Virtualization technology by; Identifying your needs, installing and reviewing the approach to virtualization software, providing advanced methodologies and strategically addressing specific client needs with hands-on assistance.
Virtual Infrastructure Deployment Services Engage our professional services team to, Deploy and Configure Virtual Infrastructure, Servers, Storage, Network, Backup and Restore, performance tuning
Virtual Infrastructure Health Check This service engagement from a Certified professional will work with your team to understand your virtual environment and provide guidance and concrete actionable recommendations on the current best practices for configuring, optimizing and managing the Virtual infrastructure.
Onsite Support Services Having an issue with your Virtualization software or just need a helping hand. Contact Frontier to avail support from certified virtualization experts and make sure that your deployment is adhering to vendor best practices.
Time and Materials Support Our team of certified virtualization experts deliver custom time and material support for troubleshooting, health-check and fine tuning of you virtual infrastructure.
Virtualization Manpower Outsourcing Are you having a hard-time finding or retaining that Virtualization resource, contact Frontier, because of our in-depth knowledge of the industry and years of contacts and with our experience, we can help you find that right person for full-time placement of staff augmentation.
Data Centre Optimization & Migration Perform anywhere-to-anywhere workload migrations with broad multiplatform support. Move and protect all workloads regardless of hardware, operating system or virtual host


Some of the ways in which your organization can benefit from Mars Innovations’ Virtualization solutions

  • Lowers costs of server acquisition, maintenance, and operations
  • Reduces physical space needed for hardware and server racks
  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies to improve IT service, availability and utilization
  • Drives standardization of hardware platforms and improves manageability
  • Improve the effectiveness of your production and DR environments
  • Ensure maximum performance and availability of your consolidated environments
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by maximizing server and data centre utilization
  • Support multiple applications and operating systems within a single physical system
  • Consolidate servers into virtual machines on either a scale-up or scale-out architecture
  • Treat computing resources as a uniform pool to be allocated to virtual machines in a controlled manner
  • Reduce complexity and manage increasing heterogeneity within the data centre

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